Our mobile-enabled corporate wellness platform creates a work environment that 

encourages employees to make positive behaviour changes towards leading a more active and healthy lifestyle, thus making them more productive and engaged at work.

30 mins of exercise can

boost productivity by


 Eating healthy foods can 

boost productivity by 


Healthy habits lower

absenteeism by


Employee health impacts your bottom line

Start a healthy competition amongst your workforce using Just Move's inbuilt pedometer.

Set a company-wide fitness challenge and organize employees into competing teams. 

Just Move helps you to maximize your wellness budget outcomes with rewards that work.

Energize your workforce with Just Move


Spread Positivity

Employees get an exclusive social network to share their fitness achievements and milestones and to motivate and celebrate with their colleagues

With Just Move, a little social engagement goes a long way in boosting teamwork and overall employee happiness.

Our team of wellness experts provide rich content with health & fitness tips, motivational messages and meal recommendations to help employees make the right choices.

Just Move's timely activity reminders and nudges are designed to increase activity levels and sustain motivation. 

Expert Guidance

Targeted notifications

Sustained increase in activity levels, reduced stress levels, healthier eating habits and increased healthy team competitions together create a fitter, healthier, bonded and more 

productive workforce.

Increased ROI

Segment your audience to reach out to the right employees at the right time, through social feed messages and push notifications.

Monitor progress of activity goals, teams performances & challenges and reach out to those who need extra motivation or have performed well for a pat on the back.

Measurable outcomes  

Our approach targets the simplest of physical activities, i.e. walking and running, accessible to almost every employee. This increases company wide adoption of the program and its impact. 

Quick Results on wellness initiatives

Everything you need, in one place

We've made it simpler than ever to run a successful corporate wellness 

program with a host of advanced engagement and monitoring tools.

A Web Dashboard that allows the HR to run challenges, monitor and track performace and engage employees with meaningful messaging.

Organizations using our solution

Try our corporate wellness program, for free!

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