Our social gamification platform enables you to engage your customers around their health & fitness, build better relationships, retain them thus converting them into a lifetime customer.

Coupling a policy with a health & fitness app enables you to leverage on the power of smartphones in today's digital world and make it easy for your customers to stay fit and healthy.

Just Move is a digital health engagement platform that broadens the scope of your insurance plans for your retail and corporate clients for increased value and better customer satisfaction.

Offer tech-savvy insurance

Our social fitness app empowers you to play a more active role as an influencer - motivate your customer to meet their fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Influence Customer Behaviour

With a bundle of interactive features such as daily goals with reminders, incentives and rewards for healthy behaviour, expert guidance on nutrition, our solution provides real time data to engage

with the customers around their health & fitness.

Meaningful Engagement

Increased touch points to build a rapport with the end customer, and tools & incentives to encourage engagement ensure better customer experience and increased loyalty while potentially expanding to their family & friends.

A web dashboard to collect actuarial data and directly interact with the end customer provides advanced analytics, relevant and accurate information thus increasing transparency

in the model.

Dashbaord to KYC & Interact

Stronger Relationships

Improving the physical health of customers goes on to reduce claims; healthy customer engagement leads to increased customer loyalty thus increasing their lifetime value, which means reduced overall costs and ensures your own long-term financial health. 

Reduced Long Term Costs

Just Move enables your customers to bring a positive change towards their health, lead a more active lifestyle, thus making them healthier and happier.

Customers get easy access to Health Risk Assessment Tests, Stress Tests and diagnostic services to know and understand their own health as the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Understand their Health

A mobile app with personalized goals and reminders enables them to act upon their health & fitness goals and increase their physical activity through social gamification, peer pressure, expert guidance and wellness quizzes.

Improve their Health

Customers get incentives for healthy living from our network of reward partners which leads to higher engagement and better customer satisfaction.

Earn Fitness Rewards

Offer better, smarter and friendlier health insurance with Just Move.

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